Handyman Plumbing Services

Handyman Plumbing Services

faucet repair or replacement service

faucet repair or replacement service

Plumbing without a doubt is the most dreaded repairs one has to do when a water pipe bursts.

But plumbing isn’t just for repairs, it can also be for upgrading your current faucet, sink, tub/shower or even a water heater.

Whichever the case may be for you and your plumbing project it is important to get the right handyman or plumber to do the job.

Handyman Plumbers are a great way to save money when you have a small budget to work with.  However that shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when it come to hiring a handyman to do that job.  There are so many handymen and plumbers out there that it can be overwhelming at times to find the right one for you.  For the very basic service of repairing or replacing a faucet Handyman Services has provided what you should look for.

A skilled handyman should be able to replace or repair a faucet, sink, cabinet drainage or tub and shower valves.  The other part of this is that they should be insured with a general liability insurance.  At any given time they should be able to provide documentation of that insurance.

At Handyman Services we have a 30 day warranty on the installation of new faucets, under sink drains and hoses from leaks.  The reason it is only 15 days is because if it don’t leak within the 1st 15 days then it won’t unless something else causes it to leak.  We honor all manufacture warranties on plumbing fixtures from failure.  This will not include labor charges for the repair or replacement.

Our plumbing services also extend to replacing garbage disposals on a regular basis.  We probably replace garbage disposals as much as we do faucets.  Garbage disposal replacements require special attention to details when installing a new unit.  For this reason is that there is a knock out that is in the garbage disposal that must be removed if you’re using a dishwasher with it.

Another requirement is that when installing the power cord you must use a strain relief connector so that the cord is not strained due to over tightening the connector.

Some repairs turn into replacements due to the parts being too old or damaged to repair.  We will never do anything until you give us the okay to make repairs.

The next faucet or garbage disposal unit you need to have replaced give us a call from your mobile phone and click the big yellow button to call us.

You can also contact Handyman Services by filling out the form to the right and tell us about your project.