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When looking for a Memphis Handyman very few stand out like Handyman Services of Memphis Tn. Their purpose is to close the gap between a general contractor and a handyman. So when you're looking for a handyman near you, you will find the right handyman to for all your handyman projects.

A Closer Look at Local Handyman Service Providers

One of the things that set Handyman Services Memphis apart from the other handyman service providers is that they're are independently owned and operated. While they have a big presence on the web they are not part of a handyman franchise. What does this mean for the customer? It simply means that they go above and beyond what is expected of them.


A handyman can be proficient at multiple skills. While they may not be just a plumber or just an electrician. They can be both to some degree for smaller projects a general contractor won't do. . . .

Quality of a handyman's work can be relative. Only the best handyman services will back up their quality with a warranty. Though not all projects can be guaranteed based on conditions. . . .

Just like quality, the reliability of a handyman is relative as well. This will depend on their schedule and available times. Reliability is a fluidity trait of a handyman and is subject to change. . . .

When it comes to cost for repairs everyone is subject to it. At Handyman Services their prices are even across all projects. They have a higher 1st hour fee then drops from there to a lower hourly rate. . . .

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