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When people talk of Shelby County Tennessee, their first thought is on Memphis being the main city of the county.  But there is so much more to be seen in other areas of Shelby County other than Memphis, Tn.  You have other places like Arlington, Bartlett, Collierville, Cordova, Germantown, Lakeland, Millington, Oakland.  Each of these areas are within Shelby County Tn and have their own unique areas of food, fun and entertainment they bring to the community.  Handyman Services is proud to serve each and everyone of these areas in the county.

Shelby County is the largest county out of 95 counties in Tennessee in both population as of 2020 and geographical region.  In Memphis you have places to visit such as Graceland, National Civil Rights Museum, Beale Street, Memphis Zoo, Sun Studios and many many more places to spend your time while in Memphis.

Let’s not let Memphis overshadow other municipalities that have much to offer the community as well.  Places like Arlington, Tennessee that has been named as the 2nd fastest growing city in Tennessee.  This is due in part to both population and in commerce.  Arlington is still growing by leaps and bounds and two of our favorite places in Arlington, Tn is Off The Hoof restaurant and S.Y. Wilson and Company canoe and kayak outfitter.  The owner of Handyman Services Memphis purchased their fishing Kayaks from S.Y. Wilson and Company due to being the only high end fishing kayak dealer in the area.

If you get the chance to eat at Off The Hoof be sure to try their “Frickles” with ranch.  If you get fried pickles anywhere else our guess is they are second rate compared to Off The Hoof’s Frickles.  Though Arlington, Tn is limited on entertainment venues they do have community events that are planned through the city.  If you like small town feel and community fellowship at local events then check out the Town of Arlington website here https://www.townofarlington.org.

We would like to continue these service areas by telling you about Bartlett, Tennessee and what roles it plays in the community.  Bartlett prior to becoming Bartlett, Tennessee was actually known as Union Depot.  It was the last remaining way station before going onward west across the Mississippi river.  Stage road is named Stage Road because it was the Stage Coach road east and west.  There is more history to this city and can be found on their city website here https://www.cityofbartlett.org/55/History

Bartlett does have some other areas of interest for visitors and residents alike.  One of the best cheese burgers you can get is at Mojos Cafe right off Stage Road by Captain D’s.  If you do go here bring your appetite with you because their food is some of the best in Shelby County.  One of our favorite things to do is attend the Christmas Parade each year and have a pizza from Marco’s right on the road side of the parade route.

On the entertainment side Bartlett offers city events for different things like 4th of July celebration, Christmas Parade.   If you’re feeling adventurous you can go through the Bartlett Police Departments citizen cop program to get a better perspective in being a police officer.  Handyman Services highly recommends this to all