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Assembling Services

Handyman Assembling Services

Handyman Assembling Services

Handyman Assembling Service

5 Top Assembling Service Request in Memphis are office furniture, exercise equipment, home furnishings, sports equipment and retail store fixtures.  These can be a challenge without the proper tools and the ability to see where a part must go.  Too many times we’ve been called on a project after the customer tried to assemble something they purchased on their own.

This is not a very good idea especially when the majority of an assembly instruction manual has vague information or the details in the images lack clarity.

Handyman Services offers assembling services as a popular service for their customers.  We are asked to assemble a product about 10+ times per month.

Let us have a look at the top 5 assembling service request in Memphis in detail and how we might be a help to you in getting your next assembling project done for you.

5 Top Assembling Service Request in Memphis

Office Furniture Assembling Service

Office furniture assembling service in a typical situation consist of desks, filing cabinets, chairs, shelves and more.  This category would fall under our commercial handyman services.  Desks are our most requested commercial service that we get called to.  However many times there has been moments when we get there to assemble a desk that there is a filing cabinet and chair there needing assembly as well.  Depending on these individual items and how many parts each item consist of this service can take 6+ hours to assemble.  The process to assemble such products first requires the identification of each part and where it goes in sequential order.

Exercise Equipment Assembling Service

Exercise equipment assembling service is perhaps the toughest one to do.  This is because of the size of the equipment is makes it quite heavy with all the steal parts associated with them.  The excise equipment that we have assembled are commercial grade weight training equipment, elliptical, exercise bikes, treadmills and residential grade home gym sets.  Some of these units weight up to 600lbs when assembled.  So it’s important to make sure that they get assembled in the place where they will be used.  Depending on what grade your exercise equipment is will depend on how long it will take to assemble.  Such example of time to assemble a commercial exercise equipment can take 4+ hours to complete.  This does not account for issues that come up due to manufacturing defects or shipping damage done to the unit.

Home Furnishing Assembling Service

Home furnishing assembling service would be similar to that of office furniture assembling service.  This would also consist of desks, shelf systems, cabinets and furniture.  Bed assembling being the absolute difference between office and home furnishings that is of course unless you live at your office.  We believe that we get called to assemble home furnishings as much as we do office furniture.  Both are interchangeable in that they both can be used at home or the office.  Just like the office furniture the time to assemble can take 6+ hours with multiple pieces of furniture.

Sports Equipment Assembling Service

Sports equipment assembling service some say is part of the exercise equipment but we disagree.  While you may get exercise by playing sports you can’t play sports on a treadmill or elliptical.  So for this reason we separate the two completely categorically.  Now that we have this out of the way let’s look at the type of sports equipment we offer assembling services for.  Our choice sports equipment assembly is air hockey tables, ping pong, tables, portable basketball goals and more.  The one item we don’t assembly is pool tables.  Another item we assemble that we get request for a lot is playground equipment and swing sets.  Due to the vast differences between sports equipment assembling service it can take 2+ hours to complete and playgrounds they can take days to complete.

Retail Store Fixture Assembling Service

Retail store fixture assembling service is so vast in styles and pieces that it is difficult to determine the exact time it takes to assemble each piece.   Clothing racks are by far the easiest item to assemble with it comes to fixture assembling.  Wall racks with shelves and bars have a medium difficulty level for assembly with gondola fixtures being the hardest to assemble with the heavy parts they have and the size of some of them.  Usually these are requested with multiple fixtures needing to be assembled.  We mark this assembly service with a minimum 2+ hours and can spread out over multiple days if there are a lot of fixtures to have assembled.

Call to Action

We have just explained our 5 Top Assembling Service Request in Memphis.  All that is left to do is call Handyman Services for your next assembly project.  No matter how small your assembly project may seem to you, you can count on this handyman to help you get it assembled.