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Door Install and Repairs

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Door Installation and Door Repair Service

Door Installation and Door Repair Service

Door Installation and Door Repair Service

On this page we will be discussing our Door Installation and Door Repair Service.  Now we won’t be breaking down the two options by the door type such as entry door or interior door.  The way we will take on this topic is by the service itself as both will be similar in what is required to do the service.

Door Installation Service

When installing a new door there are some things one must know about the door that will be replacing the existing door.  This goes for both entry doors and interior doors.  The first thing that must be known is the dimensions of the door way.  Typical entry doors are 36 inches by 84 inches however there have been cases where the entry door is as narrow as 32 inches and as tall as 8 feet.

Once you have established the width and height of the entry door it is time to pick out the style.  We won’t be covering the styles of door in this door installation service.  Now that we have a style picked its time to pick the material for the door.  You have 3 options on material and that is wood, metal or fiberglass.  Majority of the time your choice with this will come down to cost vs. longevity.

With interior doors this typically comes with two options only and that is hollow core and solid wood.  Hollow core doors can come in a variety of styles such as flat slab, 6 panel and 2 panel.  Solid wood doors can be customized but not for cheap or are made into a framed panel.  Most all interior doors do not come with the mortise holes or hinges routed into them and must be done on location.

If a handyman is replacing a door with frame then most all the prep work has been done and all he will need to do is paint the door and frame and install it.

Door Repair Service 

Door repair service no matter if it is entry doors, security doors or interior doors we can repair them as necessary.  This is probably one of the most dreaded services to request due to the nature of most of the calls.  Majority of the time when a handyman is called to repair a door it is due to a breaking and entering case.

This is a violation to the people who live at the residence.  Many times we only have to replace the door jamb as being the cheapest route for repairing a door from a breaking and entering case.  However we’ve seen situations where the whole door was destroyed in the process and replacing the door is the only option.

Sometimes we have to replace a door due to wood rot near the bottom of the door.  This affects the frame and threshold and how the door closes.  The process to repair doors is different every time.  It takes anywhere between 2 and 5 hours to complete a door repair depending on what is being done.