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Electrical Repairs and Service

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Electrical Repairs and Service

Electrical Repairs and Service

Electrical Repairs and Service

Electrical Repairs and Service for a handyman are limited to minor repairs or services.  Here at Handyman Services we only have 3 basic electrical services we offer.  All of them can be for both residential houses and commercial buildings.

Electrical Repairs

For our repair service generally only refers to ballast replacements for fluorescent light fixtures.  This is an hour or less electrical service call of 1 or 2 ballast light fixture.  This is a service call we get called to on a regular basis.  We are also converting them over to L.E.D. for more efficient operation and lower cost.

What we don’t do when it comes to electrical services is this.  We don’t diagnose electrical problems with wiring or electronic type lighting beyond a ballast.  As for wiring we don’t install or run new wiring for fixtures as well.  We draw a hard line when it comes to doing this and we do not cross that line.  Your electrical service must already be in place for us to install any lighting fixture.

Light Fixtures

Replacing Light fixtures is perhaps to some a quicker solution over repairing them.  Many light fixtures are non serviceable type lights and therefore replacing them is the only option one has.  We are asked on a daily to remove a ceiling fan and just put a light fixture in its place for rental houses.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans weren’t made to last forever and many times the replacement of a ceiling fan is due to the fan blades being warped or filthy.  Ceiling fans are a magnet for all the dust that can collect in ones house or commercial building.  Regular cleaning of the fan blades and fan housing would make the fan last longer and look nicer over the aging process.

Ceiling fans is one of Handyman Services staple service they provide.  Next time you decide to replace a ceiling fan give them a call to schedule an appointment.  You can also fill out the form below to be scheduled for an appointment as well 24/7.