Henry Mason

The Handyman & His Wife

Henry Mason has experience in multiple fields.  He has gained necessary skills from trades that he was involved in.  He put the skills to use by becoming a Handyman.

As a child he would go through his local neighborhood and do odd jobs for his neighbors.  This taught him valuable work ethics that he has come to use today.

His first job was working part time on a private sawmill.  Where he learned to cull boards and logs for log cabin building.  Some of the skills he picked up here were measuring logs for linear board feet.  Debarking logs for log cabins became as normal as walking.

Building fences was another side job he had where he learned how to plan and execute fence rolls for cattle.  This job was a difficult and hard job to do at times due to the ground in Arkansas.  They have several jokes about ground in the area where he is from.  When folks wanted to restart their life it wasn’t I’m turning over a new leaf.  It was I’m stumbling over a new rock or “we don’t grow grass where I’m from we grow rocks”.

His first full time job started in hvac.  Not knowing anything about it, it didn’t take him long to find his place in this trade.  Over the course of 5 years in hvac he was able to learn multiple trades such as electrical, pluming, framing and sheet metal mechanics.  All this led to him getting a Mechanical Engineer degree for the hvac trade.

He has accrued a lot of education but didn’t stop at just trades.  He wanted to push forward and the only way that would happen was through technology.  Where he studied COMPTIA standards in 2005 in building and understanding computer technology.

He has had jobs that don’t really apply to this field but with everything he has learned he applied it to building his business in Handyman Services and his web hosting company Hosting All Star.