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About Handyman Services

Handyman Services has been in the trades industry since 1995 and in that time they have accrued a number of skills to aide in residential and commercial handyman services. What you will learn about this handyman is that from 1995 to 2000 was where most of the skills came from HVACR. Where they would learn plumbing, electrical, carpentry and various mechanical engineering skills.

He would then move on to manage a poultry farm and use the skills he acquired to maintain this operation for 3 years and in the last year they upgraded to operation to be computerized where he would begin to learn a new set of skills. By 2004 he had earn a Mechanical Engineer degree that has been invaluable to his own operation.

In 2005 he would go back to school study for a COMPTIA A+ certification. During this study he would learn Core Hardware and Core Software for computers. Among the studies was Network +, Security +, Server +, Linux + and Microsoft and Cisco cross trained.

Handyman Services has held other positions that would prepare them for where they are now. They have been in business since 2010

One of the things that set Handyman Services Memphis apart from the other handyman service providers is that they’re are independently owned and operated. While they have a big presence on the web they are not part of a handyman franchise. What does this mean for the customer? It simply means that they go above and beyond what is expected of them.

Expertise of a Handyman

A handyman can be proficient at multiple skills. While they may not be just a plumber or just an electrician. They can be both to some degree for smaller projects a general contractor won’t do. As previously stated a handyman should be a multifaceted and skill person who wears many hats. This does not mean that they are not proficient. On the contrary they need to fill a purpose that most larger contractors won’t do.

Quality of a Handyman

Quality of a handyman’s work can be relative. Only the best handyman services will back up their quality with a warranty. Though not all projects can be guaranteed based on conditions. If a handyman is worth his salt then he will not cut corners that cheapens the project. At the same time they will pay attention to detail and not rush the job that they forget to put perfection first.

Reliability of a Handyman

Just like quality, the reliability of a handyman is relative as well. This will depend on their schedule and available times. Reliability is a fluidity trait of a handyman and is subject to change. It would be nice if one could say that they can guarantee a time slot. The issue with this is that sometimes a project is held up do to unforeseen issues beyond anyone’s control.

Handyman Services Prices

When it comes to cost for repairs everyone is subject to it. At Handyman Services their prices are even across all projects. They have a higher 1st hour fee then drops from there to a lower hourly rate. Depending on where you fall in the 3 categories of pricing handyman services has will determine what you will be charged. To know more about this you will need to see our prices page to understand what category you belong.