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Painting Staining

Painting and Staining

Painting Staining are one of our most requested services we provide along with drywall repair.  We offer to our customers are no frills painting staining service because most of our customers want a simple paint job done.

One thing we don’t do, is to offer a service that our customer doesn’t want or need.  Can’t decide on what painting and staining service is best for you?  Here is a tip to help you out most painting staining are basic in nature.

Painting is generally a color choice applied to the surface and multiple coats won’t change the color. Where as staining can be transparent or solid in color. If you use a transparent stain the more coats you add the darker that surface becomes. This is particularly useful for enhancing natural wood tones in a surface.

It is important to test your stain on a similar surface of wood in multiple coats gradually increasing 1 coat for each sample. An example of this is 1 coat for sample 1 and then 2 coats for sample 2 and so on and pick the sample you like the most.

Painting and Staining in Memphis, TN