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Preventive Maintenance Services


Maintenance Services in Memphis, TN otherwise known as PM or Preventive Maintenance is a service we offer customers with a list of repairs or replacement service for consumables such as filters, light bulbs and batteries.  However this isn’t where it stops.

Our preventive maintenance services can also apply to other items like servicing door knobs, tightening hinges, and more.  The purpose of maintenance is to prevent a major repair by servicing equipment and replacing consumables before they go passed their service date.

Handyman Services is here to provide you with preventive maintenance services for both commercial and residential applications.

There are multiple items that can fall under the preventive maintenance services see our list below.

Light Bulbs
Water Filters
Air Filters
Door Knobs
Smoke Detector Testing
Carbon Monoxide Testing
Minor Repairs
Crack Sealing/Repair
Visual Inspection

As you can see there are many items that if left unchecked can cause it to become a costly experience later on. It does not matter who does the preventive maintenance checks as long as someone is doing them. So if you want to prevent damage that can cost you more than you bargain for, then keep a regular maintenance list.