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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Memphis, TN

Bathroom remodeling adds value to your home and can be done on the cheap if done right.  You don’t have to add tile when a coat or two of paint will serve your bathroom remodel well.  There’s a list of things you can do without breaking the bank to do it.  Keep reading below to learn about some practical way you can remodel a bathroom without going over budget.

Like the kitchen the bathroom is the one place we dread for people to see when they come to visit.

Replacing a vanity can be a huge difference maker when remodeling a bathroom and vanities start at $99 in stores like Lowes and Home Depot.  You can get models that have 1 or 2 doors and in common colors such as white, brown and black.  If you’re going to upgrade the vanity you probably will want to make sure you faucet is new or at least still presentable.

Changing cabinets in your bathroom remodeling project like medicine cabinet or the extra cabinet for bathroom supplies can also be done for under $125.  Just doing these few items will make a old bathroom look new again.

Bathtubs and toilets look awful at times and most think a tub is past it’s life when you can’t get a stain to disappear